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Contributing Digitally Accessible Content

You don’t have to be a developer or a designer to have a stake in creating a more accessible web. Those who create and upload content online have a part to play as well.

To adhere to accessibility guidelines, content contributors can do the following:

Use Descriptive Link Text

Screen reading software scans a page for links and provides the list to the user. Numerous “click here” links are useless when separated from their context. It’s better to use descriptive text such as “Explore our academic programs.”

Provide Text Alternatives for Important Images

It’s important to provide alternative attributes or “alt attributes” for meaningful images. An alt attribute is a short description of an image that a screen reader can “read” to the user.

Alt attributes are always required, but images that don’t add any meaning to the web page, such as divider lines and background decorations, should have empty alt attributes.

<img src="images/divider.gif" width="800" height="10" alt="" />

When Writing Copy, Use Plain Language

Using plain language benefits everyone. Keeping sentences short and breaking content into smaller chunks improves comprehension amongst readers.