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Anyone who designs, develops, or creates content for the web must ensure that their end-products are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

The web has become such a sensory-rich medium that it’s easy to forget about making the content accessible to people with visual, hearing, and/or motion impairments. When it comes to developing in a manner that is accessible, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Blind individuals often use screen readers, which is software that uses audio output to interpret and “read” the content out loud to the user.
  • Hearing impaired individuals may depend on captions and transcripts to access audio.
  • Individuals with motor impairments may prefer to use a keyboard rather than a mouse to navigate a webpage.

Of course, different groups have different responsibilities when it comes to creating a more accessible web.

Designers and Developers

How can the look and feel as well as the coded framework of a site be shaped to ensure it is accessible for ALL users?

Content Contributors

How can web content be created to ensure it is accessible for ALL users?